Wednesday August 27 , 2014
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Money Management Software For Traders

Simple to use, TradeLogger monitors your trading system and tells you when you should be trading "live" and when your money should be on the sidelines.




TradeLogger Equity Curve Software


Built By A Trader For Traders

My name is Dan and I am an avid part time trader of futures, options, forex and some stocks. I developed TradeLogger several years ago after reading about the concept of Equity Curve Money Management, but not finding a really easy solution to implement it. I have several friends who are active traders and they were eager to see if I could create a program that could make using an equity curve technique as easy as possible in their everyday trading. As a software programmer with experience in both design and programming, I approached the problem first from a design standpoint to make it easy to use, then I spent the next 6 months writing the code and having my trader friends test it out.

Two Years Of Beta Testing Proves Traders Are Saving Money Using It

My trader friends began using the program and they absolutely loved it. I decided to release a large scale public beta of TradeLogger and in two years over 4,000 people have been using it and saving thousands of dollars in their trading accounts because of it.

TradeLogger features:
  • Automatically tells you if you should be trading LIVE or SIM
  • Can easily be used day trading or swing trading
  • Filter performance based on strategy, market, position or any combination
  • Signals based on CROSS interaction or ANGLE interaction of the equity curve
  • Journaling can be attached to trade entries
  • Extremely easy to use


TradeLogger Complements YOUR System

TradeLogger can take ANY trading
system and make it more profitable!

No matter what you trade... futures, forex, options or stocks, you probably use some kind of trading system that gives you alerts as to when to enter the market, exit the market, etc. No matter how good your trading system is, ALL trading systems are prone to periods of drawdown when market conditions change that affect the way your system works. I haven't seen a trading system that perfectly adapts to every market condition change. This is where TradeLogger comes in. As you trade your system, TradeLogger's equity curve money management system watches your trading as you enter your trading results and it can tell when your system is heading into a slump. It will then advise you to stop trading live and continue in sim mode. When TradeLogger recognizes that your slump is over, it will advise you that it's now safe to start trading with real money again.

You'll Wish You Had Already Been Using It!

JUST THINK! You Could Have Missed Out On
Those Periods of Drawdown In Your Account!

Take a look back at your trading performance this year. I bet you had some periods where you experienced streaks of losses, even though you were doing all the right things. This happens naturally with any trading system. But if you were logging all of your trades with TradeLogger, you could have avoided as much as 75%-80% of the losing trades in that streak! That would have meant more money in your account.

Equity Curve Money Management Works On All Markets

Use TradeLogger with Futures, Forex, Stocks and Options.
Use It For Day Trading Or Swing Trading.

TradeLogger's equity curve method for money management doesn't care what instrument you like to trade. It focuses on the results of how well you are trading. If you are trading a system for forex, then simply record the results of your trade. Log whether you are going long or short. Log the reason why you entered the trade (the signal). If your trading system is performing well on each and every trade you are taking then TradeLogger will see that and keep you in the game trading live. But if you are following you system but the results are coming up losers, then TradeLogger will see early on that you need to stop trading live capital and switch to sim mode. Market conditions are probably causing your system to experience a slump. TradeLogger gets you out of that slump before it has a chance to cause large losses. Once your system is performing well again, then TradeLogger alerts you to go back to trading live.

Keep More Money In Your Trading Account!

Capital Preservation Is THE Goal Of Every Trader

The #1 goal of every trader is to make sure there is enough money left in your account so that you can "live to trade another day." You take every precaution to cut your losses short and let your winners run, but with TradeLogger, using an equity curve becomes another tool in your arsenal to help keep more money and profits in your account. Once you start using this program, you'll never go back to trading without it.

TradeLogger Interface

TradeLogger is a simple, desktop application which takes practically no memory and can easily be hidden until you need to log another trade. It installs so easy that it's just a matter of unzipping the archive and you're done. The interface is very simple to understand and was designed to be as easy to use as possible. Color schemes for the main plotting field are fully customizable.

Start Using TradeLogger Today!




For the monthly cost of an iPhone App (soon to come) you can literally save thousands of dollars each year by using TradeLogger. By avoiding losing trades that you normally would have taken, TradeLogger will significantly cut your losses in your system trading each and every year. I am truly confident that using TradeLogger will help you eliminate lost money by trading into periods of drawdown. I know it works because I personally use it every day that I trade. I also know it works because during our period of open beta back in 2007-2008, over 4,000 copies were being used by traders who regularly emailed me to tell me about how effective it was in saving them drawdown, as well as they appreciate the ease of use.

TradeLogger System Requirements:
TradeLogger runs on all major Windows Operating Systems (2000, XP, Vista, Win 7)
An internet connection is also required.

You will receive a download link after your subscription account has been processed.
This may take up to 24 hours so we appreciate your patience during that time :)

If you have any questions before or after purchasing TradeLogger,
you can reach us easily at: daniel @

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User Feedback

"I didn't know if a program like this could really make a difference in my trading, but last month I experienced a period of drawdown and TradeLogger kept me out of trading during this time, saving me nearly $1,500 in trades that I otherwise would have taken live. Now I understand." -- Yanik P. Czech Republic

Carefully Evaluate Your System

TradeLogger can evaluate and filter your trading system's results based on long or short positions, based on which instrument you trade and based on which strategy you are using. You may discover that your LONG trades are performing tremendously better than SHORT trades for your system. You may find that LONG trades using a particular strategy is performing significantly better than SHORT trades on that same strategy. TradeLogger let's you filter your trade information and lets you see what is truly working well and what isn't AND will then advise you when you should be trading with live money or sim during the periods of bad performance.

User Feedback

"I have heard about equity curve money management but didn't really understand how to implement it. TradeLogger makes it completely easy to put into practical use." -- Eric B., Phoenix, AZ

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TradeLogger Enhances ANY System

Since TradeLogger simply looks at the performance of what you are trading, it will work on ANY trading system. TradeLogger isn't a trading system in itself, rather it makes any trading system better

Typical response from
TradeLogger user seeing
reduced losses and
more growth.

Over 4,000 users during the 2-year public beta period proves that equity curve money management is an extremely popular technique.

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Let TradeLogger make your system performance as good as it can be.
Start subscribing to a proven money saving technique that you can put
into use immediately. Once you see the value of it, you'll wonder how
much you could have saved if you had only used it before.